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Range of Services

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Advisory Services

Crest adds significant value to Developer’s in the early stages of projects and often prior to site purchase. Services include Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence, which are essential pre-purchase services a Developer should consider before land acquisition.

Development Management

Crest is involved from project inception to completion. Development Management responsibilities include project briefing, consultant appointment, management of town planning activities, approval management and negotiation with authorities before flowing into a more traditional project management role. At the back end of the Project our team also has the relevant expertise to help manage processes such as Plan Sealing and Titling to ensure a smooth pathway from Project Completion to Client’s receiving settlements from buyers.

Project Management

Crest offers a hands-on approach to Project Management which is focused on the desired outcome of our Clients at all times. Our Project Management experts engage with our hands-on philosophy through design stages, approval requirements, tendering and procurement, construction phase and defect liability stage.

Design Management

Crest can manage the design process from inception through to completion, covering the scope from appointment of consultants through to completion of as-constructed plans. We believe it is essential that all consultants are suitably briefed and scopes of service are clear prior to any appointment, to ensure successful delivery of the Client’s aims and objectives.

Superintendent Services

Crest has provided Superintendent Services on a wide range of projects, up to $80 million in value. In our experience, establishing a suitable Contract up front, followed by effective Contract administration is vital to the successful outcome of any project. Crest Project Management and our individual Directors hold relevant QBCC licences to provide Superintendent Services.

Risk Management & Financier Services

The Crest Team is highly experienced in providing risk management services for Developers, Funders and Receivers. The Crest approach is to identify risk early, agree suitable risk allocation and to management and mitigate risk through the projects’ lifecycle. Our risk management processes are incorporated into our Financier Quantity Surveying service line, where all Initial and Progress reports submitted to Financiers include a detailed risk analysis.

Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

  • The Crest Team members are experienced Quantity Surveyors and Cost Managers who offer added value to the various stages of a project

  • Initial budget estimates prepared from our detailed benchmarking library on recent and local construction costs.

  • Detailed elemental cost plans.

  • Value Management through design stages to ensure budget parameters are met.

  • Pre-tender estimates.

  • Detailed tender review, utilising our detailed tender breakdowns provided to Contractors for comparative analysis.

  • Detailed cost control through construction phase, with all variations independently reviewed and vetted.

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